I want to find out more about the Tasmind Resorts

by Eric Bee - 08.05.2001

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Bangkok Bar (Nov-2002)
back to the 70s and very relaxed ... Soi 2, Ekamai, Sukumvit

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We got there around midnight after a nice dinner at some Indian restaurant down Sukhumvit. It was middle of the week (not weekend - since those days the place is pretty packed) and about 50-60 people hanging out, most of them Thais, aged somewhere between 18 and 30 years.

The place reminded me of some bar in Europe, the music reminded me of some other bars in Europe - and, after we had received our first set of drinks, and chatting away for a couple of minutes - the whole atmosphere reminded me of Europe. It was kind of a strange feeling to sit right in the middle of a southeast Asian city and feeling just like being in some place in Europe - after midnight - wasting time and money and enjoying life. Actually, wasting money is wrong. The prices are moderate (70 or 80 Baht for a beer and the cocktails around 100 to 150 Baht) and the cocktails delicious and well mixed ... and anyway, it's never a waste to pour good stuff.

I guess there where three components making us feel like in Europe - making us feel home right from the first moment on. First thing I realized was the warm and friendly lights and the almost authentical wallpaper (or was it painted - by the way I think to remember it was some patterned orange) as I know it from another bar in Berlin. Secondly I remember to really enjoy the sort of truely relaxed kinda chill-out music they played not annoying at all if one wanted to have conversation and loud enough to just dream away, listening to it. The third part - and that's not an achivement of the manager - was my company (also European) and the conversation we had. I had the impression that most of the Thais being there were able to communicate in English - at least to a certain extend - and definitely the DJ and most waiters spoke English. Everybody was quite relaxed and sort-a cool, but friendly and open minded.

We only realised the time which had passed by and the fewer people around, when they started closing down - after enjoying quite a few of their well-mixed cocktails - which was around 2 a.m. It is a great place to hang out - eventually meet a few foreigners as well and for sure meet Thais, well educated and situated. If you are in the area, we'd recommend to pay it a visit. It's into Soi 2 off Soi Ekamai - maybe 100 meters, and not to miss.

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